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My video recorded at the Las Vegas Review-Journal is available at this link.

Hagan Campaign Agrees to General Election Debates, Issues Challenge to Heller

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Las Vegas, NV (09 August 2018) - Hagan campaign agrees to debates as proposed by the Rosen campaign and similarly issues a challenge to Senator Dean Heller.

haganNationalConvention.jpgTim Hagan, 2018 candidate for US Senate (NV), speaks at the Libertarian National Convention as the National Treasurer for the Libertarian Party ( He is also the treasurer for the Libertarian Party of Nevada ( Click here for a higher-resolution version of this photo.

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Poll Shows Race for US Senate virtually Tied

A poll by Suffolk University and the Reno Gazette-Journal shows the Tim Hagan campaign sweeping up 2.4% of the vote, creating a tie between incumbent Dean Heller and Democratic challenger Jacky Rosen.

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Reason Magazine Highlights Past Success of Hagan campaign

The popular libertarian magazine and online news source Reason Magazine released a highlight of Tim Hagan, who is running for US Senate in Nevada. They discuss his electoral success in determining races ("the spoiler effect") - yet, in this incredibly close (less than 1% in polling) race, few polls are choosing to include Libertarian Tim Hagan. The most recent one, which did include Tim, showed an astounding 2.4 percent! That's over double the margin of victory predicted by the poll!

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Tim Hagan Secures Libertarian Nomination for US Senate

Today, I secured the nomination to the 2018 General Election ballot for US Senator (NV) from the Libertarian Party of Nevada! Check out some amazing photos from the event: Tim_Hagan.jpg

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